What are the three stages of the True Impact reporting process? (with downloadable training guide)

There are three stages to the Impact Receipt reporting process:

  • Stage 1: Onboarding
  • Stage 2: Submit Initial Profile
  • Stage 3: Publish Final (Edited) Profile


Stage 1: Onboarding

Users first receipt an email notification of their funder's investment.  Use the link contained in this notification to access the Impact Receipt account setup page (or, the login page if you already have an account).

Next, create a new account, using the following four steps:

  1. Tell us about your organization. Fill in general background information on your organization.
  2. Confirm funder investment.  If everything in the investment summary is correct, click Accept. Otherwise, request more information from your funder.
  3. Identify relevant programs.  List the name and description of each program that is being funded by this investment.
  4. Allocate and classify investment. If the investment is funding multiple programs, enter how the investment is to be allocated across the programs.  Then, classify the nature of each investment (i.e., incremental, significant, or foundational) based on the provided definitions.

Stage 2: Submit Initial Profile

The second stage of the reporting process is to create a profile for each program being funded.  The profile consists of the following sections:

  1. Overview. Fill in general background information on your program.
  2. Logic Model. Summarize your "theory of change" by describing your intervention, identifying the beneficiaries you are serving, defining the targeted outcomes, and reporting on the expected or actual results.
  3. Narratives.  Share your lessons learned and success stories here.
  4. Operations.  List the costs of implementing your program, including direct and indirect costs, and in-kind investments.

Once you have completed your initial profile, submit it for review by True Impact staff.

Stage 3: Publish Final (Edited) Profile

The third stage of the reporting process is to review the feedback provided by True Impact staff (embedded within the program profile), and make adjustments to your profile as appropriate.

Once your program profile has been finalized, click the Publish button at the bottom of the profile page. 


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