True Impact universal reporting tool: Grantee Guide

What can I expect from this reporting tool?

True Impact’s social investment reporting tool provides a step-by-step walkthrough for reporting your program’s forecasted or actual results to your funder(s).

The tool is designed to be updated over time, allowing you to enter estimated results if your program is not complete, and return to enter actual data when the program is complete. You will also have space to address any variances between your forecasted and final data.

How do I get help using this tool?

Helpful explanatory text will appear to the left of each step as you work through the reporting tool. A help button will always be present at the bottom of the screen, and your funder’s relationship manager is also available by phone or email to answer questions.

What information do I need to create a login?

Please be ready to provide:

  • Organization name, mission, location, logo, and Employer Identification Number
  • Allocation of funder investment
  • Program name(s), dates, and brief description(s) of 75 words or fewer

Any number of your organization’s members can then be added to your account to help report program results.

What information do I need to begin reporting program results?

Please be ready to provide a brief description of your program’s activities or services, as well as information about the success or expected success rates at each stage of your program:

  • Preparation. What participants learned – Report the number who gain knowledge.
  • Mobilization. What actions participants take, or how participants use their newfound knowledge – Report the number who take action.
  • Conditions. Report the number of participants who attain the program’s end goal.

The reporting tool also includes a condensed budget report and provides spaces for brief narratives on lessons learned and a success story.

What are some best practices for providing information?

  • Brevity. Establish concise success criteria for each program stage.
  • Precision. Carefully consider what constitutes success at each stage of your program.
  • Audience. Preview what your funders will see by clicking ‘View impact receipt’ at the end of the report.
  • Estimation. Use the best available data, letting your theory of change guide your estimates.

What can I expect from True Impact after I submit my information?

You will receive feedback from the True Impact team within two weeks of submitting your initial report. Feedback does not typically require extensive rewrites, and you will have seven days to complete any suggested revisions before publishing your report.


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